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“My partner and I were at breaking point when we arranged a coaching session with Martin. He gave us the tools we needed to move forward and act with positivity and happiness. We cannot thank Martin enough!”  Jackie & Paul

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Are you feeling frustrated and under-valued as a step parent?

I help individuals and couples find positive solutions to all the challenges of living in a step family.

As a step dad of over 20 years, I know exactly what it’s like to come in to a family and take on the challenges of the new step family dynamic. For me, it was a real rollercoaster ride of emotional ups and downs, and probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to cope with. There were issues I found hard to deal with and I found it was very easy to focus on all the emotions I wasn’t happy with. Looking back, I definitely made mistakes. As a step dad and step family coach I can really relate to clients going through the same experience. I know that the challenges each day brings can become so overwhelming that you can lose your way and become confused about what you can do or say within your step family environment. I know how hard it is to know what your role is in the family. Or what your boundaries and limits are.

We went into our coaching session with Martin not really knowing what to expect as we've been in couple’s therapy for about a year now with only some slow progression. But it was really very transformative. Thank you so much, Martin!

All of these feelings are natural, but can become very hard to bear and deal with. Once you start finding practical ways to deal with these unhappy emotions you can focus on  building your relationship with your partner, and daily challenges become easier to deal with. 

As a certified step family coach I work with individuals and couples and can help you find practical ways to build better relationships and greater family harmony with your partner and step children.

Martin Lock Coaching - step family coach
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You CAN have a happy step family!

Creating a happy step family isn’t always easy I know. But all it takes is some simple but effective tools and techniques to help you:

  • Improve communication with your partner and step children
  • Instil or restore respect between all members of your family
  • Create some ground rules that everyone in your family respect and follow

I work via Zoom to support you with effective ways of making your step family life better. I work with individuals and couples  and all of my sessions are tailored to your personal situation. For more information please email me at martin@martinlockcoaching.com

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About me

Hi, I'm Martin and I'm a certified step parent coach with over 20 years experience as a step dad.

I help step families deal with the daily challenges of step family life, including dealing with a toxic ex, difficult relationships with step children, to creating clearly defined roles for step parents within the family unit.

As a qualified step parent coach I work with step mums and step dads and their partners in either individual or couples sessions.

I also run the private Stepparent Family Facebook Group for step parents and bio parents and am the Agony Uncle and regular contributor to Stepfamily Magazine

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What my clients say

The coaching session was really transformative. We went into it not really knowing what to expect. We have been in couple’s therapy for about a year with some slow progression.This coaching session enlightened my partner to his negotiation skills with my seven year old stepdaughter. I think this will help with my feelings as well in the long run. Thank you so much, Martin!
Christie, USA
Martin is an amazing coach. He has a real knack for asking powerful questions that get you thinking about your issue in a completely different way. After just one session with Martin I felt completely unstuck and really excited and motivated about my business. I would highly recommend Martin as a coach.
D. Kent
Martin's positive attitude, attention to detail and engagement has helped boost my confidence. After the session with Martin I felt extremely motivated to follow the daily schedule that he has helped me create. Martin is the perfect person to help you stay focused on your goal.
A. Birmingham

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